Help is on the Way Way

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Constrictions on figuring out how to put images on this blog, both moving & still, has me stymied. I need  an assistant to help me – a young, personable, capable, and of course good-looking secretary who will give me no lip and work for free. Large order you might think but a successful candidate arrived on my doorstep last week ready, willing & able to take on full responsibilities. She’s such a delightful surprise I want to share her w/the world & flaunt her adorable credentials; indescribable yet simple beauty combined with a lovable, & easy going manner, and completely devoid of ego.

Her name is Bambi, though with her French accent it sounds like Bombee. She & I have been working hard at trying to figure out how to get her photo included here on this demanding blog, and by golly her perseverance paid off because we managed to make it happen, albeit with limitations since we haven’t figured out how to write anything below the pic; a simple task for those of pre-puberty age but a totally different matter for those of us unable to remember what puberty is.

Together we will discover how to overcome these challenges – like everyone else has on all the other gazillion blogs out there everywhere. With Bambi by my side we will make this happen. Charming & easy going, she demands little – a piece of meat,  a daily walk, petting.

My assistant Bambi



The Why of Way Way West

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Like a pregnant woman I have within me another that is not me – she is Way Way West. An entirely made up entity composed of goodness and wickedness (“wicked” is derived from the word wicca, which means witch), she is encouraged and motivated by the glorious legacy of Mae West.  Mae cleared the air by exposing the ruthlessness (ruth is the Ruth in the bible & is a feeling of pity, distress, or grief) and corruption stemming from sexual inequality. With her intelligence & humor Mae revealed the hypocrisy we take for granted.

Mae was not particularly good looking, and as a sex symbol she was also fatter & older than her competition. Her daring outlandishness proved she was not one to be taken lightly (don’t ever forget she gave us Cary Grant). Her behavior pissed off lots of men (especially censors) who would not accept or desire to change the dubious standards they established to denigrate women.

The woefully wrong rap women are bombarded with remains so pervasive and in our faces that we still have a hard time seeing it. What is as clear as the nose in front of our face is invisible. So it’s Way Way to the rescue. Born of a nice Jewish girl from The Bronx, adorned in chutzpuh, & yearning to breathe free, Way Way is qualified to carry the torch, one of many, to celebrate & bring forth the endless benefits & joy derived from sexual equality.

Sex & the Party

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Let’s face it grrrrrrrrllllz, it’s all about sex, that’s S,  E,  X, so get w/the program, make it work for you.The guys do. Or haven’t you noticed. You’ve been to a male workplace and observed the language, the comfort level the men have with the seductive moves of pole dancers having observed these woman close up, with the ability to carefully scrutinize said dancers asses in real close-up and slow motion, naked but for a g-string, asses on view just to entertain the customers who are sitting shit-faced drunk but remain alert enough not to miss the beauty and splendor performing just for them.


Myself, I like having control at least half of the time, the other half of the time I like having the freedom to throw control to the winds and fly by the seat of my pants.

This is what makes me the well rounded person I like to hug. 


A friend celebrating her 35th b-day spent it at a ‘Gentleman’s club’ where she moved her seductive dancer’s body in sheer joy while celebrating her sexuality; the dance was for her – her audience was inconsequential. It was a coming of age that works especially well when a woman becomes of a ‘certain age’.


Right here I want to interject (when I can figure out how to do it) a video of an 86 year old woman on the parallel bars. Her mat work includes cartwheels, rolling head stands, and elegance. She is German and looks it. Stalwart and handsome she cuts an impressive figure. I read some of the comments on Youtube responding to her incredible feat by asking what pills she took that got her where she is. What a tough pill to follow – swallowing the concept life begins at pill. Johanna Quaas is the name of the glorious gymnast if you want to find her and not wait for me – who knows when that will be – though I truly am trying (but nowhere as much as that amazing force, Johanna; she clearly gets the meaning of constant & diligent).


If your looking for meanings in any of this, don’t look here. I say if you want meanings go to the dictionary, that’s all they have and look where it’s got us. Meanings are only as good as the day is long, whatever that means. Life has meaning, it has value too, lots of it. Value feels good, whether you get it or give it. And it’s easy to give to yourself. The good values. Take it all in and rub it all over, bathe in it, breathe it in, swallow it whole. Take daily 3 times a day, sleep on it and carry a big stick (you might have to defend them).


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Hello, my name is Polly Tishin, I am running for office as the first proud member of  The Sex Party. We have a titty focused agenda and  you must possess a vagina to hold any position. Our motto is – EQUALITY !  For that we ask for nothing but will take half.

As members of this newly formed party you get to party hearty, a blessing in this time of desperate depression and bleak days. To lighten the load we will dwell on the ‘Good Stuff’. Bring on the dancing boys & let the good times roll. Why the fuck not?

Time to stand ALONG-SIDE of him, instead of behind; we little women out there. Tell it like it is and shout it from the rooftop. And here’s why: It’s truth. That’s what I’m talking about. TRUTH, as seen through the eyes of the holy hole. The whole hole;  the place of birth;  the place of CREATION. And the scene is Now; it is happening right before our very eyes.

THERE IS NO HOPE. Do not believe in hope. Hope sucks. It has no future. Hope is for losers. Ladies & Gentlewomen I say this because hope is a deceiver, making us believe in false gods. Hope is not now, it’s later, and you know how often that comes.

Join the party!

Bring a friend, bring a bottle.

Bring a smile, appreciation, empathy, a reason for being, a love of all kind, and dancing shoes.


Your Pubic Servant 2 B,

Polly Tishin


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Hey Grrrrrls, R U Bitchin’ Bitches?

Everybody’s doing it baby, being bitchin’ bad & PROUD!

It’s not like the good ole days where bitches became bitches by giving birth.

Nowadays you don’t have  to be a mommy to be a bitch. All you need is a cunt, oh, excuse me, I mean pussy.

So much for dignity. Us female genders know what’s it’s like to have birthed a word that freely denigrates all vagina laden humans – no discrimination here – although, to be honest, there are some members of the opposite sex they deem worthy.

Privilege plays no part in this scenario; the  important element here is to be so low, so gross, that there are no words more offensive than that of being Woman. Of late TV shows are showing up proudly proffering Bitches in their titles – like an unsavory cult. The B word gets mass exposure while pretending to be non-sexist. Producers exhibit no shame in hailing this as anything but timely. And the rest of us go along with it. We can expect no less from a society that loves to freely flaunt their hate out in the public arena while pretending not to notice.

Bitches, cunts, pussies, & motherfuckers honor a long-standing tradition of diminishing what is woman. The guy who fathered my kids turns out to be a  motherfucker. At the time of the actual deed I thought he was a good guy. Later it turns out not true;  that’s because I divorced him and he couldn’t take the rejection. Who among us wants to be rejected, discarded, thrown away. Ask an older woman who’s ex now sports a younger one how she feels. (Although if you ask her a few years down the line and it turns out she is grateful to the asshole who done her wrong, left her with the kids to care for and couldn’t care less.) Guys being guys though are just too sensitive to overcome all that. It’s us grrrrls who know, from life’s experiences, that it’s the only way to survive.








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Speaking of our body politic. It sucks, that is clear; still we abide it, and even vote for it (they tell us to because one choice is better than the other choice), leaving that nasty legacy in place despite what we know to be true. Are these words new to you? Does it shock? Or rather is it old & tiresome?

In Regard to the Ladies

How goest thou? Who asks, ask I, only to be told it’s the big guys at the front desk wanting to get into my insides; well not mine so much as those of the lovely young fillies out-there looking hot & bothersome, making the guys in-there (I’m talking about you oh great elected officials) all huffy & horny & angry & desperate to hurt what looks so damn good and unattainable. I hear it’s a male thing ( we ladies know ). Give the girls a hard time; keep them busy trying to protect themselves from strangers in government pretending to protect them by keeping them in the subservient position they so dutifully deserve ( just read your bible ).

Such craziness gets taken for granted, leading to the question: Is life easier as a Mormon ( although to be fair other systems work equally well ) where a pre-gift-wrapped package arrives at birth to be set on the mantle for convenient lifetime worship. They say if you believe in it enuff the pain goes away. Packages are available in assorted flavors so you need never be in want – though it’s best to stick to the one given at birth – no need to sweat it.

Solutions to the above nonsense are provided at the back of the book. Answers are readably obtainable and clearly explained. For example, the answer to number 7 is 8 and a half ( and you were so close! ). But answers have limitations, they’re so retro. Today we live in the now. The moment! The high!! Live your passion (when you find it) we are forever being told. Divert your mind from intrusions into your nether parts and get real, get an iphone.

Today’s news Today&Yesterday

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I’ve said it before.

I hope to never say it again.

Big Plans 4 the future. Time is on the horizon. Time is waiting.

Time 2 move along. Check out some action. Go 4 the throat. Digress & digest.

Other than that not much happenin’.

Why The World Needs Another Blog

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With all the blogs out there one would think enough already. I certainly did after researching blogs for this new blog I’m now writing on. So why this one?

It comes down to putting out more words with the female bent. Hear from the other side of the coin equally and let it be heard that we are heading onward to make this place of a world more womanly.

You Can Look Forward 2 These Future Headlines:














A lady & gentlewoman












Always More to Say

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Two down and a gaxillion to go – including pix. But not today. Today we stay with the simple and repeat, repeat, repeat. To all you readers out there that might not be reason to stay with me, but I’m trusting I will only gain by doing this process of doing until I got it write. I’m thinking of being adventurous and slip in a photo. They break up the page but I fear if I try that now I may end up blowing up the screen. Who knows what could happen with this technology.  the next thing you know people will be flying in the sky.

My point is I’m doing it. Putting these words out there and not being embarrassed by the fact that this is not at all interesting. Rather it is bleak. The good part is that I have only one direction to move to from here, and that is UP.

THE point is that I have not yet mentioned the West or Mae. Just rattling along with my nonsense as I attempt to get into the profound mode. You know, where I get all serious and try to make points that make sense using the resources at hand, namely Mae & West. I’m hoping Mae will be there when I need her to help me provide the insights I admire about her. Witty & sexy, and all those other qualities we all love about the lady. I wonder if she’s up there in heaven thinking WTF is that filis doing to me – giving me a bad name and making me look bad.

This would be a good place to put a picture of something eye catching. What could that be? This is where my creativity needs to come in. I’m hoping it hasn’t died on the way home from the computer store. What with all my nervousness and confusion about what buttons to push and wanting so to please it makes me want to puke.

But I digress when I want to address. There’s Way Way also in the wings waiting to show her stuff, not just her tits – laden as they are with stars and enthusiasm. Tits, not ass is what needs reporting. Not sexy tits, but the ones that give comfort and provide the sign of woman. Big or small we all come with a set right out front. We come with pussies too, and I am proud to call myself a member of the pussy delegation. Nothing to be ashamed of there, though they do get bad mouthed. These are the important issues of the day that require reporting.


Labor Pains

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Now I am in the throws of stage freight where I don’t know what to do next. Silly me.  This is very much experimental mode and I feel like I am being roasted and grilled. How do those little kids do it? So young and so savvy. I, on the other hand, don’t know nothing and I’m not proud to it but it is terribly true. Every word I write feels like I have just written the constitution. It’s the Publication factor that weirds me out. And this is what I have wanted to do – be published.

Of course I’ve no sooner opened my computer on return from the computer store that aided me in getting on to this site that I see the first (2nd, 3rd, etc) errors that I have made. But whatever, I am here and now and in the mode of just moving it along. The next posts will sound all too familiar as I try to familiarize myself with this new fangled gadget. Mind you, it was just yesterday that I laughed as I helped a friend try to figure out Email – she had just gotten her first computer and knew nothing. Oh it was so funny explaining to her what was so simple to me. But I ain’t laughing now, closer to crying as I stagger along hoping for the best.