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Speaking of our body politic. It sucks, that is clear; still we abide it, and even vote for it (they tell us to because one choice is better than the other choice), leaving that nasty legacy in place despite what we know to be true. Are these words new to you? Does it shock? Or rather is it old & tiresome?

In Regard to the Ladies

How goest thou? Who asks, ask I, only to be told it’s the big guys at the front desk wanting to get into my insides; well not mine so much as those of the lovely young fillies out-there looking hot & bothersome, making the guys in-there (I’m talking about you oh great elected officials) all huffy & horny & angry & desperate to hurt what looks so damn good and unattainable. I hear it’s a male thing ( we ladies know ). Give the girls a hard time; keep them busy trying to protect themselves from strangers in government pretending to protect them by keeping them in the subservient position they so dutifully deserve ( just read your bible ).

Such craziness gets taken for granted, leading to the question: Is life easier as a Mormon ( although to be fair other systems work equally well ) where a pre-gift-wrapped package arrives at birth to be set on the mantle for convenient lifetime worship. They say if you believe in it enuff the pain goes away. Packages are available in assorted flavors so you need never be in want – though it’s best to stick to the one given at birth – no need to sweat it.

Solutions to the above nonsense are provided at the back of the book. Answers are readably obtainable and clearly explained. For example, the answer to number 7 is 8 and a half ( and you were so close! ). But answers have limitations, they’re so retro. Today we live in the now. The moment! The high!! Live your passion (when you find it) we are forever being told. Divert your mind from intrusions into your nether parts and get real, get an iphone.

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