Help is on the Way Way

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Constrictions on figuring out how to put images on this blog, both moving & still, has me stymied. I need  an assistant to help me – a young, personable, capable, and of course good-looking secretary who will give me no lip and work for free. Large order you might think but a successful candidate arrived on my doorstep last week ready, willing & able to take on full responsibilities. She’s such a delightful surprise I want to share her w/the world & flaunt her adorable credentials; indescribable yet simple beauty combined with a lovable, & easy going manner, and completely devoid of ego.

Her name is Bambi, though with her French accent it sounds like Bombee. She & I have been working hard at trying to figure out how to get her photo included here on this demanding blog, and by golly her perseverance paid off because we managed to make it happen, albeit with limitations since we haven’t figured out how to write anything below the pic; a simple task for those of pre-puberty age but a totally different matter for those of us unable to remember what puberty is.

Together we will discover how to overcome these challenges – like everyone else has on all the other gazillion blogs out there everywhere. With Bambi by my side we will make this happen. Charming & easy going, she demands little – a piece of meat,  a daily walk, petting.

My assistant Bambi