The Why of Way Way West

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Like a pregnant woman I have within me another that is not me – she is Way Way West. An entirely made up entity composed of goodness and wickedness (“wicked” is derived from the word wicca, which means witch), she is encouraged and motivated by the glorious legacy of Mae West.  Mae cleared the air by exposing the ruthlessness (ruth is the Ruth in the bible & is a feeling of pity, distress, or grief) and corruption stemming from sexual inequality. With her intelligence & humor Mae revealed the hypocrisy we take for granted.

Mae was not particularly good looking, and as a sex symbol she was also fatter & older than her competition. Her daring outlandishness proved she was not one to be taken lightly (don’t ever forget she gave us Cary Grant). Her behavior pissed off lots of men (especially censors) who would not accept or desire to change the dubious standards they established to denigrate women.

The woefully wrong rap women are bombarded with remains so pervasive and in our faces that we still have a hard time seeing it. What is as clear as the nose in front of our face is invisible. So it’s Way Way to the rescue. Born of a nice Jewish girl from The Bronx, adorned in chutzpuh, & yearning to breathe free, Way Way is qualified to carry the torch, one of many, to celebrate & bring forth the endless benefits & joy derived from sexual equality.

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